Eyelash care

Eyelash care

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Derma-Luxelash eyelash growth serum
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Eyelash Growth Serum

1,5 ml - 4,5 ml


Up to visibly extended and fuller lashes in 2 weeks.

Fluid for lash extensions
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Fluid for lash extensions


Strengthens natural eyelashes and so extensions last longer, 60-day treatment.

2v1 Double Eye Care
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Double Eye Care 2v1: Eye Lift Serum & Eyelash Care Conditioner


Beauty must-have: a serum against dark circles, wrinkles & a conditioner for eyelash care and growth Widelash ™

Wild Lash podlaga za nanos maskare
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Derma-Luxelash Wild Lash Eyelash Base


Wild Lash base for applying mascara, which also works on eyelash growth.

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Glamour Lash maskara za dolžino in volumen trepalnic
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Glamour Lash Mascara for volume and oustanding length.


Mascara for volume and intense lash length.

Intense Lash maskara za volumen trepalnic
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Intense Lash mascara


Mascara for intense lash volume.

Unlimited Lash maskara za dolžino trepalnic
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Unlimited Lash mascara


Mascara for infinite lash length.

Tekoče črtalo
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Liquid eyeliner


Professional black liquid eraser for easy and fast use, for as many as 120 applications.

Do you want to get longer, thicker and stronger lashes in just a few weeks?

If you are among those who try different mascaras over and over again hoping to achieve thicker and longer lashes, you will love the new innovative Slovenian productDerma-Luxelash serum for natural eyelash growth. The Derma-Luxelash serum lengthens and strengthens all types of lashes, even those that are short, brittle and gentle. The product helps you achieve a more expressive look without the use of make-up, and in combination with a quality mascara, you will shine like you always wanted.

A special active ingredient strengthens lashes, helps them grow longer, become denser, darker and curly after just two weeks of use. The serum for natural eyelash growth strengthens even the thinnest, most inconspicuous and sparse lashes.

The Derma-Luxelash serum stimulates eyelash growth also for people after chemotherapy, so it can be recommended not only to women but also to men, regardless of their age. Apply the serum to the upper and, if you wish, also to the lower eyelid once a day before bedtime, so that the active ingredients can be absorbed smoothly. You will soon notice new lashes, that will be strong, dark, thick, and most importantly, long.

If you are a big fan of lash extensions, then Derma-Luxelash for Lash Extensions fluid is the right choice for you. The Derma-Luxelash for lash extension fluid enables the eyelashes to stay in the follicles for an extended period of time, thus creating stronger lashes which are an ideal base for applying false lashes.